What is a Good Speaker?

Not everyone fits into the checklist of what a “good speaker” is, so the Guru encourages you to break that mold! This video will focus on what it means to be a good speaker and how you can become the best speaker you can be while appearing confident and getting your message across.


· What is a good speaker?

· Why is it important to break the mold of the “good speaker?”

· Why should you do away with the prescribed checklist for good public speakers?

· Why is confidence so important to become the best speaker you can be?

·Why are eye contact and gestures key elements to becoming a good speaker?


Hi everyone! My name is Jill Schiefelbein with Impromptu Guru, and these videos will help you prepare before the speech.

For so many years, I taught public speaking at a major university. One of the things that frustrated me the most was that it had this prescribed list of what a good speaker is, and that is something that not a whole lot of people fit into.

When you go into programs and you look at what a good speaker is, normally there’s this checklist of what you should do. I want to encourage you to step outside of that good speaker box so to speak. What I want you to do is realize what a good speaker is for you. Who you are as a good speaker is not going to be the same as who I am as a good speaker, same with your neighbor or your friend. What’s important to know is that you do some of the key elements such as eye contact and gestures and change your paralanguage. What’s also important to note is that your confidence and your ability to portray that is way more important than being able to check a list of different behaviors out of a box.

Once you start to harness your own power, take your strengths and put them into what you are as a speaker, and take yourself out of the box, you’re going to be that speaker that you really wanted to be.


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