Visual Communication

Visual communication encompasses many facets of appearance, but ultimately comes down to professionalism in appearance and in the digital landscape. This video will discuss how you can improve your visual communication to make your presentation more effective.


· What does visual communication mean to you?

· Why is it important to be professional?

· What are some tips to maintaining professionalism in the digital landscape?

· How can you use white space to help your audience remember your message?

· How can you use the Rule of Three to make your message more effective?


Communication is everywhere, but do you know how to effectively communicate? My name is Jill Schiefelbein with Impromptu Guru and these 60 second videos will help you communicate well.

Visual communication. When I say that to you what does it mean? For some people, it will mean how am I physically presenting myself? For other people, it will make them think of the ever-growing digital landscape where we’re communicating constantly back and forth. No matter which way you think about it, visual communication and presentation of self and your message is important.

To me, when I talk about visual communication, I talk about professionalism. Professionalism whether it’s in your dress, in your appearance, through your delivery and your words, or if you’re talking about the digital landscape through professional presentation of content. If you’re working on communication visually you want to make sure you have ample light space, so people aren’t so inundated with information that they’re focusing on all these words but don’t remember any of them. Again, think back to the rules of three that you’ve heard throughout high school, college, and your career. In those rules of three you repeat things three times. You give three pieces of information that stuff makes it into digestible chunks, easier for the audience to remember.

So communicate visually. Make sure you leave space.


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