Video and Audio Analysis

The Paralanguage Roller Coaster video in the During the Speech category discussed the importance of varying your paralanguage–your rate, tone and pitch–during your presentation. During a speech, it may be difficult to gauge your use of paralanguage because you are preoccupied with delivering the information.  This video discusses how you can analyze how effective your paralanguage was during your speech by giving you a technique for isolating these variables with audio and video recording.


· Why do I need to analyze my paralanguage post-speech?

· What tools do I need to reflect upon my nonverbal performance?

· How can I effectively review my use of rate, tone and pitch after a presentation?

· What information can come from listening to the audio-only portion of my speech?

· Why can isolating nonverbal speech behaviors help me improve as a speaker?


You practiced and prepared and you delivered a great presentation, but the work’s not done yet. This series of videos will help you know what to do after the speech.

In another presentation, I told you all about the paralanguage roller coaster. But how do you know if you took your audience on a paralanguage ride?

One way to do this is to get an audio recording of your presentation. If you have a video recording, you already have this. So what you want to do is listen to your presentation the audio only. You don’t want to be watching anything. If you have video, just turn away or turn the screen of and just let the audio play. What this will do is you can analyze the paralanguage. That rate, tone, and pitch that are in your voice as you speak. What this does is it allows you to notice where your voice was weak, where your voice was strong, and where you can improve. If there were moments that needed more emphasis and you didn’t give it, now you know to give it next time. If there are areas where you need to slow down, now you know.

Doing an audio only review of a presentation will allow you to focus in on paralanguage and make sure that the ride you took your audience on is one that they want to repeat again.


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