The Communication Model

One of the core foundations of the communication field is the communication model.  Yes, that sounds redundant, but trust me…if you can master the basic model of communication, you can more effectively analyze any communication situation you may find yourself in.  It’s that powerful!  And this video will tell you all about it.


· What is the communication model?

· Why is it important to learn about the communication model?

· How can understanding the communication model help me in the workplace?

· What can I do once I learn the communication model?

· What components or elements make up the communication model?


Communication is everywhere, but do you know how to effectively communicate? My name is Jill Schiefelbein with Impromptu Guru and these 60 second videos will help you communicate well.

The communication model. Once you understand it, you can diagnose problems in any communication situation. Let’s walk through it.

You have a sender who sends a message to a receiver. And sometimes the receiver sends messages back to the sender. Those are the basic components and you have those in most communicative situations. However, breakdown can occur in a number of places. The first place is through feedback. The sender gives feedback to the receiver, the receiver gives feedback to the sender and this feedback is going back and forth in the communication process. Sometimes there can be misinterpretations there.

Another breakdown in communication that can occur is the noise. There’s physical noise based on the environment that may surround the communication. Maybe there’s hierarchical noise, where one person has more power than the other person and that can cause some distraction. Also perhaps there is semantic noise, where people aren’t pronouncing words correctly. There’s an accent or a language barrier. All of types of noise can help break down the communication process but are easy to diagnose.

And finally, you have the context that surrounds the communication.

Be cognizant of that and you can communicate well.


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