Do you want to gain confidence in your communication abilities?  How about impress your clients or boss with your presentation skills?  Or want to deliver training so effectively that your participants keep coming back for more?  From polishing your elevator pitch to making a full-fledged presentation, from presenting in front of a live audience to speaking online for a video shoot or webinar, Impromptu Guru helps you gain poise, confidence, and effectiveness in all of your communication endeavors.

Impromptu Guru offers comprehensive coaching, training, and consulting services, with specializations in:

  • Public speaking and presentation skills coaching
  • Mediated speaking and on camera coaching
  • Keynote speaking and communication training workshops
  • Webinars and online education and training
  • Business communication and persuasive messaging

We can customize training or coaching for any communication issue—just ask!

Want to get coaching but go at your own pace?  Check out our products for self-paced learning on various communication topics.  It’s like having a public speaking class in your pocket!