Review Your Speech (in Mute)

You can learn a lot about yourself as a speaker by doing some post-speech analysis. An effective way to conduct this analysis is by getting a video of yourself doing your presentation. This video shows you what to do with this video and gives you effective ways to reflect upon your experience so that you may improve for the future.


· Why should you do a post-speech analysis?

· What are the potential benefits from doing self-reflective reviews?

· How should you watch a video of yourself for effective learning.

· Why is watching a speech in mute a productive means of self-analysis?

· What can reviewing your nonverbal communication do to help you as a public speaker?


You practiced and prepared and you delivered a great presentation, but the work’s not done yet. This series of videos will help you know what to do after the speech.

When people ask me, “Jill, what can I do to make sure my facial expressions are appropriate when I’m giving a presentation?” The best answer I can give them is get a video of yourself giving a speech.

The reason you want to do this is because when you watch a video of yourself, number 1 it will probably be a very humbling experience. I know it is for me.

Number two, you get a chance to focus in on specific aspects of nonverbal delivery that you can’t without a video. For example, if you want to focus in on your facial expressions and how they’re conveying or not conveying your message what you want to do is immediately after your speech, whenever you can get the video, take that video, put it into your computer, wherever you’re watching it, and then turn the sound off. You heard me. Off. You’re going to watch yourself on video and you’re going to watch your facial expressions but you’re not going to hear any sound whatsoever. You’re going to see if the facial expressions that you see and witness match the message that you intended to deliver and that’s how you study your face.


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