• Want to be a better speaker?
  • Want to be able to sell yourself or your product or service with confidence?
  • Want an online workshop that you can take at your own pace?
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Impromptu Guru’s online workshops combine video, audio, worksheets and other content to help you communicate effectively.

Business Presentation and Public Speaking Skills for Non-Native Speakers

Public speaking is already a challenge when you’re doing it in your primary language. But when you’re doing it in a language that is not your native tongue? That’s even more of a challenge! This workshop helps you navigate the world of presentations and public speaking skills in the United States business environment. Topics covered include eye contact, noverbal barriers, gestures, enunciation, paralanguage, and more.

Polish Your Pitch Online Workshop

Do you have a hard time making an elevator pitch that does its job effectively? Do you find it challenging to talk about yourself and your business? Do you ever feel like you have the right words, but you don’t know how to deliver them to get results? This video-based, online workshop will provide you with all of the guidance you need to create and deliver a one-of-a-kind elevator pitch that will get you remembered at your next networking event or meeting.



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