Nonverbal Speech Barriers

When you give a presentation, there are many barriers that can prevent you from getting through to your audience, but not many speakers pay attention to nonverbal speech barriers. A nonverbal speech barrier is any inanimate object that is in between you and your audience. This video focuses on how you can avoid nonverbal speech barriers, decrease power distance, and improve your credibility and trustworthiness.


  • What is a nonverbal speech barrier?
  • Why is it important to focus on eradicating nonverbal speech barriers?
  • How can I appear more credible, trustworthy and honest while speaking?
  • What some tips to prevent nonverbal speech barriers?
  • How can the set up of a room affect the delivery of your speech?


Hi everyone! My name is Jill Schiefelbein with Impromptu Guru, and these videos will help you prepare before the speech.

Something that people don’t commonly think about before they go give a presentation is how the set up of the room can actually affect delivery of their message. Nonverbal barriers that form in relationships are actually something that you need to focus on when you’re giving a presentation.

Oftentimes, we go into a room and we have the audience seated out here and what is there right in front of us? There’s a podium. And that podium is a nonverbal barrier. I suggest that you’re able to do a couple of things.

One thing you can is step to the side. Get out from behind the podium and expose yourself to the audience. By exposing yourself to the audience you appear more credible, you appear more trustworthy, and more honest with your information, because you’re not hunkered down and hiding beneath a podium.

Also, if you can, step out even in front of the podium and interact with your audience in that way. Having that nonverbal barrier there places this clear delineation of power between you and your audience. If at all possible, you want to eradicate that from your speech arena.

Remember, what’s in between you can affect you.


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