Monroe’s Motivational Sequence

The art of persuasion does not come easy to some speakers, especially if you have not had much practice. But did you know that there is a five-step sequence that can help you effectively communicate to your audience during any presentation or public speech? This video discusses how to use Monroe’s Motivational Sequence in order to call your audience to action.


· How to I get my audience to act?

· What are the five steps in Monroe’s Motivated Sequence?

· Why is it important to establish a need in your audience?

· How can I organize my presentation to best persuade my audience?

· How do I effectively use visualization in a speech or presentation?


Hi everyone! My name is Jill Schiefelbein with Impromptu Guru, and these videos will help you prepare before the speech.

So you have to give a presentation, and you have a goal in this presentation which is to call people to action. How can you organize your materials so that you can effectively get the action you want out of your audience? Well I have a way for you and it’s called Monroe’s Motivational Sequence. Monroe’s Motivated Sequence has five steps.

The first step is to get the audience’s attention. Not uncommon to any other type of presentation outline.

Once you get the audience’s attention, the second thing you need to do is establish the need in your audience. So make sure that your product, that you’re service, that whatever information you’re delivering is something that the audience needs. And if they don’t know that they need it, you need to tell them why they need it.

Once you’ve gotten their attention and established the need, the third step is to satisfy that need. Never, ever, ever establish a need that you cannot satisfy. That will leave your audience hungry and wanting more.

After you get their attention, establish the need, and satisfy the need, you’re going to move on to visualization. What’s helped your audience see how it’s going to be if they do the fifth step, the call to action.


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