How to Project Your Voice

When you project your voice you gain credibility as well as your audience’s attention. This video highlights the importance of projecting your voice and some techniques you can practice with to become a better public speaker and presenter.


· How is posture related to voice projection?

· Why is it important for presenters to have good posture?

· How is credibility related to voice projection?

· What technique can I use to practice projecting my voice?

· How can I open my airways to increase projection?


So you’ve gotten the preparation in, you’ve done some training, and now you’re ready to deliver. These videos will help you know what to do during the speech.

Did you know that when you have poor posture you have a higher tendency to mumble? That’s because when you have good, effective posture, standing up straight with your shoulders back, your airways open up and it leads to better projection. This is so important for us as communicators, and especially for us as presenters, because strong projection will help lead to credibility in a whole number of factors in your presentation. So be sure to stand up straight when you’re delivering your speech, and let those airways open up. One way that you can do this is the penguin exercise that I gave in another video.

But let me teach you another way. This is a vocal projection exercise. You’re going to start out with a very low note and bring it up to a really high note, and I’m no expert in music as you’re about to see, but let me demonstrate it for you. As you heighten the note your diaphragm will contract, your abs will engage, your airways will open up, and the quality and clarity of sound that you project will be so much stronger.

So do that exercise, feel your abs engage, and you’ll learn that your posture is really important with how you project.


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