How to Organize Presentations

Organizing presentations seems like an obvious step, but too many people go into a speech without taking the time to do a little preparation.  This video outlines a simple organizational pattern that you can use for every presentation.


· What is a good way to organize my speech?

· Why should I use an outline when developing my presentation?

· How do I craft an effective introduction?

· What is the purpose of and the parts of a conclusion?

· How can I make sure people remember my message?


Hi everyone! My name is Jill Schiefelbein with Inpromptu Guru, and these videos will help you prepare before the speech.

One of the most common mistakes that I know that people make when they have to give a presentation is not taking the proper time to organize their content before going on stage or in front an audience. So I’m going to give you a quick format of an outline that you can use to organize any presentation that you give. It’s a simple organizational pattern.

It starts with the first part, the introduction. The introduction contains three segments. You gain attention, you state a thesis, or the purpose for your presentation, and then you preview your main points. That’s done in the introduction.

When you move to the body, which is the bulk of your presentation, have absolutely no more than five main points. Keep it to three if you can. That’s a good magic number. Organize those main points and your sub-points that have support. Do that in a logical way that lets your audience follow you easily.

After that, you end with the conclusion. In the conclusion, you first restate what you told them. So you have the preview, you tell them the information, and then restate it. Then, you restate your purpose statement. And finally, end with a bang.


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