How to Hold a Microphone

When the microphone is not attached to a podium, it is up to you, the speaker, to hold it throughout your speech. This may seem like a simple task, however it is more difficult than you think. This video discusses the proper way to hold a microphone while giving a presentation.


· Why is important to know how to properly hold a microphone while speaking?

· Why do singers hold the microphone the way that they do?

· At what angle should you hold the microphone?

· What is the ideal distance between the microphone and your mouth?

· Should you move our entire arm, or just your wrist when adjusting the microphone?


So you’ve gotten the preparation in, you’ve done some training, and now you’re ready to deliver. These videos will help you know what to do during the speech.

The microphone. Sometimes we have to use it to give presentations. Often times if we’re at a podium it’s about right here and it stays there and we don’t have to do anything with it. But sometimes, it’s up to us to hold the microphone, and it’s up to us to know how to do it well.

If you watch singers perform on TV, and I’ll turn to the side here so I can demonstrate, you’ll see them holding the microphone almost directly in front of their mouth with about two fingers distance and you’ll see them holding it parallel to the ground. That’s because right there in the microphone is where the most clear and high quality sound will be picked up and then projected out to the audience. It’s very important for singers to do that because they want their voice to be crystal clear and resonate through.

As speakers though, if we’re speaking to an audience, this puts an unnecessary barrier in the way. So I suggest holding it at a 45 degree angle, like so. You never want it more than two fingers close to your mouth, but you never want it more than about a hand away. Depending on how loud of a speaker you are. Instead of moving your arm, be sure to tilt at the wrist. That makes it a lot more natural.

And that’s how you hold a mic.


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