Getting Audience Feedback

Once a speech is over, many speakers feel a big weight lifted off of their shoulders.  But a seasoned presenter knows that there is work to be done after the speech that is just as important as the effort exerted during the presentation.  This video will help you think about ways to get audience feedback after a public speech that can benefit you in future speeches.


· Why is paying attention after the speech important?

· Why should I care about audience feedback?

· How can I effectively gather feedback from my audience?

· What strategies are effective for getting audience feedback?

· What can audience feedback do to help me with future speeches?


You’ve practiced and prepared and you delivered a great presentation, but the work’s not done yet. This series of videos will help you know what to do after the speech.

You’ve done a great job of mining the audience for feedback during the presentation. You saw when they got a point. You saw when they didn’t, and then you elaborated. But now, you want some feedback from your audience about how you did as a presenter. Feedback that can help you improve. How do you get it? Well there are a few ways.

First, if you have a little bit of time after the presentation and you want to gauge if your audience understood your topic, ask some pop quiz style questions. How many of you think you can use this in the workplace immediately? See what you get by raise of hands and judge it that way.

Also, you can ask, “Alright everyone. Shout out all at once. What are the three C’s of effective delivery?” and see if they can repeat those back to you. You can do something fun like that, but if you want something a little more constructive to help you improve as an individual, what you can do are a couple different things.

Number one, you can bring evaluation forms to the presentation and physically hand them out. Number two, I’ve had a lot of effectiveness following up with people through electronic surveys through services such as Survey Monkey. Finally, just ask people. As they talk to you after the presentation, get the feedback. Because what people think matters.


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