Enunciate: Show Your Teeth

Enunciation and pronunciation are important aspects of competent communication and speech delivery. This video focuses specifically on enunciation, and covers what enunciation is, how to enunciate your words effectively, what benefits enunciation has and how your teeth come into play. When speaking in public, it is important to deliver a clear message in both your words and your nonverbals. With this video, you’ll learn how to focus on making your enunciation top-notch.


· What is enunciation and how is it different from pronunciation?

· What benefits are there to using enunciation properly?

· How can I better project my voice when I’m speaking?

· How can I, as a non-native English speaker, speak more clearly to my audience?

· How can I naturally slow down my rate of speech?


So you’ve gotten the preparation in, you’ve done some training, and now you’re ready to deliver. These videos will help you know what to do during the speech.

Another aspect of paralanguage in public speaking is enunciation. Enunciation is how you speak the words, and how clearly those words come out of your mouth. Pronunciation, in comparison, is when you pronounce words a specific way, hopefully the correct way. But enunciation is focusing on the projection and the syllables that come out of your mouth.

When you enunciate clearly, you’re going to show your teeth. I know that sounds a little funny, but think about it for a minute. Have you ever watched someone lip sync? The most effective and talented lip syncers, and even think of artists who perform in concerts, show their teeth. The enunciation when you show your teeth is very, very clear and people can read your lips more easily. Especially if you’re projecting your voice to a large audience, that enunciation is very important. For people who are either mumblers or fast speakers, this is really good for non-English speakers too, enunciation generally slows down your rate of speech and can help you project more clearly.

So enunciate and show those teeth.


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