Don’t be a Complainer

Who wants to be labeled as a complainer?  Not many of us, I’d guess!  This video discusses how to avoid being seen as a complainer in the workplace (and, really, this can apply to other areas of life as well).  Tips for being able to bring negative aspects to your supervisor in a way that makes you worthy of a promotion are provided.


· What is something I can do to avoid being seen as a complainer?

· Why should I provide solutions instead of venting?

· How can I give actionable plans with tangible benefits?

· What is an alternative to being a complainer?

· How can I become a solution-provider?


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If you want to be in position for that next promotion, don’t be a complainer. Although we all have a tendency to vent at different times to friends, family, colleagues, co-workers, and maybe even superiors, we should eradicate that behavior unless we’re adding a possible solution to it. So instead of being a complainer, be a solution provider. If you can change that frame reference, you’ll be in a good position.

For example, let’s say that your workplace is really not flexible and you need a more flexible schedule. Instead of going to complain to HR about it, go to HR with what you see as a problem. Then present viable solutions and alternatives.

You should never go into a meeting, especially with a superior, just to complain about a topic. Rather, present that problem, provide solutions, and put them together. By doing that, those people will realize that not only have you recognized the problem, but you’ve thought through it enough to deliver an actionable plan that can lead to tangible benefits for everyone involved.


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