Do the Penguin

Most, if not all of us, get nervous before a speech.  Public speaking is an anxiety-inducing experience, but by doing “the penguin” you can help relieve some of this anxiety and stress, and be on your way to giving a great public speech.  Watch this video for a quick one-minute snapshot of a successful way to calm your nerves before a speech.


·      How can I reduce anxiety before a speech?

·      What tip can you give me to calm my nerves before a presentation?

·      How can I get rid of the extra energy I get before going on stage?

·      What exercise can you give me to improve my speaking posture?

·      How can I open up my airways for better projection?


Hi everyone! My name is Jill Schiefelbein with Impromptu Guru, and these videos will help you prepare before the speech.

Do you ever get nervous before a presentation? I know I do, and I would maintain that anyone who gives a speech anywhere feels at least butterflies in their stomach before they get up on stage. Well I’m here to give you an exercise that will help you eradicate some of those physiological effects of nervousness, and it’s called “The Penguin”.

So stand up! Do this with me right now.

Take your shoulders and push them up to your ears and you’re going to hold it for about 10 seconds to the point where it will get a little uncomfortable as you can see it doing to me right now. I call it “The Penguin” because it’s fun to waddle around. It gets some of that energy out too.

As you’re holding this you might feel some shaking start to happen, and that’s okay. It’s part of the process.

After about 10 to 15 seconds take a deep breath, let those shoulders go and what happens is you fall in perfect natural posture. What this does is it opens up your airways leading to better projection, and it gets rid of some of those physiological side effects, making you ready to take the stage.


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