Communication Nation: Communication on Websites and Social Media- What are some tips for building web content?

Building Web ContentMaking sure you have a social media and web presence is so important when you’re trying to present yourself as a business in touch with its consumers. That means consistently updating not only your social media, but also your web pages. You need to make sure that your visitors know that you’ve updated recently by letting them know firsthand, or even just placing an updated “copyright” on your page.

It’s also important to keep your content simple. You want to do this because it is much easier to update that content when it isn’t so complex. Not only is it easier to update, but search engines prefer it. You want to keep the content keywords to things that are relevant to your business. That increases the likelihood of your potential consumers finding you. Finally, remember to add in plenty of white space. This helps ensure those viewing your webpage won’t be overwhelmed with all of the words in front of them. Keeping it simple helps viewers remember the important things about your business. This helps you appear more professional and bring in more clients.

So, what content should you have on your page? Anne McAuley of McAuley Freelance Writing suggests you have your content separated into pages such as “Home, About, Services, Contact Us, Blog, and Subscribe to my e-Newsletter.” Making your page simple and easy to navigate makes it easier for your visitors to find what exactly it is they are looking for, and when your message changes or your services change, you’re able to reflect those changes a lot quicker and easier than if your content was more complex.

Keeping a blog on your page lets your visitors know what’s new with you and your business, and also opens a channel of communication for them to let you know what they think is working or what they would change in the consumers’ perspective. This also gives you a change to change up your keywords and enhance your searchability.

Listen to this episode of Communication Nation: Communication on Websites and Social Media to hear your host, Jill Schiefelbein, and special guest Anne McAuley of McAuley Freelance Writing, discuss web content (skip to 42:28) and other aspects of social media for your business.

Written by Impromptu Guru Director of Operations, Christina Miller.

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