Communication Nation: Communication and Community Relations- How can community involvement help my business and how can I get involved?


VolunteerForming relationships from within your community and involving yourself with community relations is one business practice you should always try to prioritize. Doing so shows others in your community that you care and that you’re invested. When others see you actively participating, they want to return the favor because they want to see you succeed as well. They become involved in your business, and therefore invested in it. Once they are invested, you have people who are standing behind you, working with you to reach your goals because people support what they help create.

Another thing to remember is that you get out of something what you put into it, meaning if you expect to gain that support for your business, you really have to get out there and shake hands. Get to know people. Form relationships. You cannot expect to have a community rallying behind you when they don’t have anything persuading them to do so. You have to prove to them that they can trust you and that you and your business are deserving of their support.

So, join your local chamber of commerce. Go to the meetings and events. Find ways in which you can volunteer your time to community organizations such as the local police and fire departments. Put your face and your name out there in a positive light so people want to do the same for you. Giving your time and energy to building the success of your community is one investment that will be returned many times over.

Listen as host Jill Schiefelbein and Adrianne Lynch, Director of Economic Development at the Gilbert, Arizona Chamber of Commerce, discuss getting involved with your community (skip to 8:26) and other tips for building relationships within your community on this episode of Communication Nation: Communication and Community Relations.

Written by Impromptu Guru Director of Operations, Christina Miller.

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