Online Communication: Get to know me interactive activity

Teaching online poses many challenges to instructors, many of them related to communication. While instructors are often used to being in front of the classroom, speaking in a mediated environment is a different experience. This activity is one example of how to communicate with your students in an online, mediated environment. [column width=”40%” align=”center”][vimeo id=”23641602″][/column]

Online Communication: Voice Announcements

One of the challenges that online instructors face is communicating with their students. Something as simple as a voice announcement can add a level of interaction in your online class that your students appreciate. This short video is a sampling of a voice announcement used in one of my online communication classes. [column width=”40%” align=”center”][vimeo […]

Mediated Speech Assignment

This assignment is from my Introduction to Human Communication (COM100) course at Chandler-GIlbert Community College. One of the course competencies of COM100 is that students gain the ability to communicate via public speech. In an online environment, however, replicating a face-to-face public speaking environment is not possible…but we’re close! The video below is what my […]