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Communication Nation: Communication and Community Relations- How can community involvement help my business and how can I get involved?

  Forming relationships from within your community and involving yourself with community relations is one business practice you should always try to prioritize. Doing so shows others in your community that you care and that you’re invested. When others see you actively participating, they want to return the favor because they want to see you […]

Communication Nation: Communication and Community Relations- Should I be concerned about competitors who are members of the same professional associations as me?

As entrepreneurs, we’ve all had to face the threat of financial downfall. You’re no longer relying on the comfort of a consistent paycheck to get you the things you need, to pay the bills, to buy the food, or to put gas in the car. So many of us are out only for ourselves in […]

Communication Nation: Communication and Community Relations- Should my employees get involved in the community?

We’ve discussed the role of community relations in the success of your business, but as a business owner/manager or entrepreneur, is your presence alone enough? Here, we learn why it’s so important to get your whole company involved in the community, not just the leadership. Doing so not only helps the community and help the […]

Communication Nation: Communication on Websites and Social Media- What are some tips for building web content?

Making sure you have a social media and web presence is so important when you’re trying to present yourself as a business in touch with its consumers. That means consistently updating not only your social media, but also your web pages. You need to make sure that your visitors know that you’ve updated recently by […]

Communication Nation: Communication for Buy-In and Visionary Leadership- What does it mean to have an “open door” policy?

We often hear of managers claiming they have an “open door” policy, but then their actions tell us something different. Many times, this could be because they don’t truly understand what it means to have an “open door” policy, or they don’t know where to draw the line. So, we’re breaking it down for you […]