Improve Your Communication in Just 60 Seconds Once Per Week

Ever wish that there was a quick, simple way to get great tips for improving your communication skills?  Your wish is granted!

Allow me to introduce 60 Second Guru, a 52-video series, where, for an entire year, you can improve your communication in just sixty seconds, one time per week. And the best part? It’s completely free!

The videos are divided into five categories, so you can focus on what aspect(s) of communication you want to improve the most.

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60 Second Guru Video Categories

  • General Communication—from establishing expectations to dealing with complainers, and everything in between
  • Business Communication—from getting buy-in to decision making, and what you need to rock the workplace
  • Before the Speech—from anxiety reducing techniques to making sure your message is clear and organized, making you ready to take the stage
  • During the Speech—from eliminating “ums” and uhs” to projecting your voice, everything you need to be heard
  • After the Speech—from self-critiques to handling questions and answers, be ready to capitalize on your presentation

Full List of 60 Second Guru Videos

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